SLA Law Firm – is a legal counsel to OJSC “Rogans’ka kartonna fabrika”

SLA Law Firm represents OJSC “Rogans’ka kartonna fabrika” in questions of вad debts recovery in bankruptcy proceeding of major kiev trade and investment firm.

Search and subsequent estimation debtor’s property became the priority tasks of SLA lawyers. Thus we are also searching property that was sold during a year preceding to bankruptcy (Ukrainian legislation allows to return this property by the court in some cases), and analysis of all finances of debtor.
In addition, the operative control during forming of creditors councel in procedure of bankruptcy, as well as protection of rights and interests of OJSC “Rogans’ka kartonna fabrika” will be made during work of creditors councel.

Rogans’ka kartonna fabrika was founded in 1858. The main manufactured product till 1935 was a wrapping paper, with raw materials like a straw and rag. Nowadays Rogans’ka kartonna fabrika produces cardboard of brand Б-350 and Б-420. Raw materials for this production are literary garbage and rag. A cardboard is used both on internal and on external markets.

This project is realized by the group of lawyers under general control of Oleksii Volokhov, SLA partner.